Monday, December 8, 2008

Sometimes, life hurts...

It was Halloween night when we found out that Lindsey was pregnant. My initial feeling was a mix of shock and panic, followed almost immediately by excitement at the prospect of being a father. Ever since I knew Lindsey, I was positive that she was going to make an amazing mother. We would walk through restaurants and children would jump out of their chairs and follow her with arms outstretched (This actually happens). So there we were just a couple months ago; a mess of emotions and adjusting to the idea that we would be parents.

Wednesday night, Lindsey started bleeding and cramping. She called me Thursday and told me to pick her up from work because she was scared she was miscarrying. The bleeding persisted through Saturday night, when we decided to take Lindsey to the emergency room. We left with more questions than answers when the only advice they could give us was to see her doctor ASAP. This morning, Lindsey's doctor confirmed our fears. There was no heartbeat on the ultrasound and the baby had not grown much since the last visit.

I could never worship a God who made things like this happen just to teach us a valuable lesson. I can, however, worship a God who joins us in our pain and makes us better people in the process of going through trials. Lindsey and I take great comfort in knowing that we are not alone, and understanding that something good will come from something bad.

Grace and peace to all of our friends. Your prayers are very much appreciated.


Tina said...

Hey Ryan, I am so sorry that you two are walking this path. AS one who has been down that path, please know I am praying.

Stephen said...

I just prayed for you guys and will continue to, brother. I love you.

crevo said...

Ryan -

I've been thinking about you all for the whole week, trying to think of something to say.

No words, man.

Just know that you're in both our thoughts and prayers.

TS Harrison said...

I love you two.