Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Resignation Letter

To the Body of Christ at Southpark Community Church,

When I was a newborn, my parents held me close in their arms and carried me through the doors of this church. They found this to be a place of love and acceptance. The years found my family bouncing around from church to church, only for me to return to Southpark in high school. It was at this church that I graduated. It was this church that paid scholarships for my college experience. It was this church that mentored me and it was at this church that I married my beautiful wife, Lindsey. It was in February of 2007 that we embarked on a journey together with me as the youth minister of this church. When interviewing, we told the board and the search committee that we had dreams of eventually starting a new church. We let them know that depending upon the Lord’s will and timing, we might look for such an opportunity within two years of taking the job at Southpark. Recently, I had a friend approach Lindsey and I. He that mentioned he was beginning a new church in the Tulsa area and said that he believed we would make a good fit. After much talk and prayer, we have decided that it is time to seize this opportunity. As of July 31st, I will no longer be on staff at Southpark Community Church. I want to thank you for giving a young couple such as Lindsey and I the chance to impact this current generation for Christ and His Kingdom. Thank you for your prayers and support.

In His Service and Yours,

Ryan Boyls

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TS Harrison said...

excited for the two of you.
hopefully you know you that i am extremely proud of you and support you in each challenge you pursue.
guess i need to be praying for you a little more in the next few months.
holla at me sometime and let's discuss specifics.